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We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour at all times. The QFA's Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected of our accredited mortgage brokers in the performance of their duties. It gives guidance in areas where mortgage brokers need to make personal and ethical decisions.

With access to more than 650 products to choose from, NIFERA can help you get the best deal available on your home loan. There are many advantages to choosing an NIFERA broker over a bank or financial institution. Here's why:


The deal that's best for you – not the best for the lender 

Because NIFERA brokers are not tied to any particular bank, building society or other lender, we have no vested interest in recommending one product over another. In fact, we have access to more than 650 different mortgage products. So whatever your circumstances, and whatever your mortgage needs, we can find the deal that's best for you.

A high level of customer service

You'll find the level of support and service you get from your personal NIFERA consultant hard to beat. We can arrange to see you at a time and place that's convenient to you - whether that's after hours at home, or over lunch hour at your favourite coffee shop. What's more, we'll take care of all the paperwork from start to finish and keep you updated during the settlement process, so that you know what's going on. Having your personal NIFERA consultant arrange your mortgage takes a big weight off your shoulders – which is why our clients keep coming back to us, time and time again.

Quick and efficient results

Our business is geared up to deliver the fastest possible results. In many cases our brokers are able to obtain 'in principle' loan approvals from a number of lenders within 60 seconds. Because arranging mortgages is what our brokers do, they will contact lenders on your behalf and take care of what's needed so that your finance is in place quickly and efficiently.

Understanding and expertise – when the bank says 'no'

Everyone is different, with their own financial circumstances and goals, from a first time home buyer to an investor with an established portfolio of properties. Your personal NIFERA consultant has wide experience in the art of what's possible, and are able to help customers with more difficult or complicated needs. If it's understanding, expertise and innovation you're after, you've come to the right place.

We are your one-stop shop

The most common factor that prevents a loan from settling on time is the fact that home insurance has not been taken out on the property. If you organise your home insurance through NIFERA, you may also be eligible for a 10% discount for the first year and 90 days' free cover, meaning you won't have to pay while the property settles!

Are you paying more than you have to on your loan? As your life changes, so do your needs and wants, therefore your existing loan may not suit you. What's more, there may be an alternative loan that has lower repayments or the features you need - such as a redraw facility. With your life always changing, it makes sense to review your finances regularly.


A loan that suits your lifestyle - for today and tomorrow 

As your life changes, so do your financial needs. Unfortunately, your loan won’t change with your life so it is important to review it often. With access to more than 650 home loans from more than 30 different lenders, we are sure we can find a loan that suits your lifestyle.

Lower your repayments 

Perhaps you can get a better rate by changing your loan. There are a number of factors that can help lower your repayments, such as fees, interest rates and repayment options. With NIFERA’s customised computer program FLEX, your broker can compare hundreds of loans with the click of a mouse and find the loan from our panel of lenders that suits you best!

The features you need 

Are you in advance with your home loan, but it doesn’t have a redraw facility? Or maybe you don’t need these features on your current loan and as a result it is costing you more? With NIFERA’s massive range of home loans we can find the loan that has all of the features you need and the lowest repayments available.

Unlock your equity and live your dreams

When refinancing, chances are you will have equity in your home – that is the difference between the amount you have borrowed from the bank and the value of your property. This can potentially be borrowed to consolidate your debts, go on a well-deserved holiday or do renovations. Of course this may not be ideal for everyone, so why not speak to a financial planner?

Property investors have always been important to NIFERA. Whether you're a first time investor looking to use the equity in your home to buy an investment property, or already have a portfolio of properties, you'll find your personal NIFERA consultant has a clear understanding of your needs.


Understanding and expertise  

Your personal NIFERA consultant has significant experience in helping property investors source the right funding, from simple refinancing to much more complex transactions. Our brokers deliver all the associated services you would expect, from managing loan applications until settlement to providing landlord insurance and related products.

Not everyone is the same

Your personal NIFERA consultant realises that each person has different needs. That's why we don't have one standard product for investors; your broker is able to select a product or products to suit your needs, not someone else's. From a range of more than 650 home loans, we are bound to find the right one for you!

A range of options

Many investors don't realise that they are not bound by the standard home loan repayment options and are often eligible for interest only options with a lender. Interest only means that you don't need to worry about paying the principal – just the interest! Your personal NIFERA consultant can help determine a repayment option that suits you and your lifestyle.

Identifying investment opportunities

NIFERA also has a property division that can help you to find new property developments that have been well researched and have potentially strong returns. Being well researched means that it reduces the risk in buying an investment property, and also saves you time because you can do two steps in one.

Reverse mortgages allow you to borrow cash against the value of your home. You usually don't have to make regular repayments until you leave and move into care, sell your home or die. When the loan ends you, or your estate, must repay what's owing, usually out of the proceeds of the sale of your home.


How reverse mortgages work  

You are generally eligible for a reverse mortgage if you are 60 years or older and own your own home. You'll usually be able to borrow between 15% and 40% of the value of your home, depending on how old you are – the older you are the more you can borrow. Each year the fees and interest you would ordinarily pay are added to the loan balance. Over time, you're charged interest on the interest (or compound interest) and that builds up the total amount you owe. The image below shows how your equity in a reverse mortgage decreases over time.

How much will it cost you?

How much a reverse mortgage costs you in the end depends on:

  • how much you borrowed at the start (the principal)
  • how long you have the loan for (the term of the loan)
  • whether you receive your loan as a lump sum, a regular income stream, or a line of credit (the loan structure)
  • the interest and fees you pay on the loan
  • whether you borrow any more money
  • whether you have a No Negative Equity Guarantee (NNEG): see below


How we can assist

Your NIFERA consultant will explain the pros and cons of starting on the path of a reverse mortgage. This is a complex issue with pitfalls you should be aware of. Saying this, NIFERA can find a solution that addresses your personal needs. Please call now for free advice.

Leasing business equipment and tools preserves capital and provides flexibility, but it may cost you more in the long run.


Advantages of leasing equipment

The primary advantage of leasing business equipment is that it allows you to acquire assets with minimal initial expenditures. Because equipment leases rarely require a down payment, you can obtain the goods you need without significantly affecting your cash flow.

Another financial benefit of leasing equipment is that your lease payments can usually be deducted as business expenses on your tax return, reducing the net cost of your lease. In addition, leases are usually easier to obtain and have more flexible terms than loans for buying equipment. This can be a significant advantage if you have bad credit or need to negotiate a longer payment plan to lower your costs.

Leasing also allows businesses to address the problem of obsolescence. If you use your lease to attain items that are subject to becoming technologically outdated in a short period of time, such as computers or other high-tech equipment, a lease passes the burden of obsolescence onto the lessor, as you are free to lease new, higher-end equipment after your lease expires.

Call NIFERA now!

NIFERA will assign a personal consultant who will be your contact. He or she will endeavour to fully understand your business needs and develop suitable personalised solutions.

Are you looking to set up your own business? Or perhaps you would like to access equipment finance to help your endeavours grow? Whatever your situation, NIFERA's bound to have a commercial finance product to suit your needs.



NIFERA provides professional advice on a full range of commercial and business finance options. Building on the formidable relationships that NIFERA has developed with Australia's leading financial institutions in the residential mortgage sector, NIFERA is able to provide access for commercial lending clients to a product range and level of professional service that is second to none.

New lenders

To stay one step ahead, we are also continually sourcing new lenders, whether they are mainstream, non-bank or private lenders. This is part of our commitment to providing the best choice and service possible to you.

Local support

NIFERA brokers are located all around Australia, which means that you have the convenience and reassurance of dealing with someone face to face, rather than liaising with someone in a different state.

Wide range of solutions

NIFERA is able to assist with commercial lending advice on equipment finance, business loans, debtor finance, commercial property finance or property development.

Whether you are planning a holiday, buying a car or consolidating your loans, NIFERA can help. We offer a range of personal loans to suit your needs, plus we make the loan process as easy as possible.


Great rates

Why pay more than you have to? We have a panel of personal loan lenders, rather than just one or two products like the banks. This means you get a choice between a number of rates, potentially lowering your repayments!

Pre-approval on your loan

If you'd like more bargaining power when you buy your new car, why not get pre-approval on your loan? Pre-approval gives you piece of mind know exactly what you can afford and dramatically increases your bargaining power! Start now!

Fixed repayments

Do you like the certainty of fixed monthly repayments for the life of the loan? We do! That's why a range of our loans have a fixed interest rates, which means you won't be subject to nasty interest rate rises.

Quick and easy

With the help of your personal NIFERA consultant, we can get loan approval within hours and your money within days. The application form only takes twenty minutes and is easy to complete. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re looking for a personal loan, why not speak to your personal NIFERA consultant? We’re happy to help!

With low rates, a wide range of lenders, no ongoing fees and our unique no payout penalty structure, NIFERA offers Australia's best car finance for businesses and individuals.


Australia's leading car finance broker

Let our expert finance consultants examine all your finance options - including Car Lease, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage, Novated Lease and Car Loans - and help you find the right solution for your needs.

Commercial and personal

  • Finance Lease (Car Lease)
    A Finance Lease (Car Lease) enables a business to have the use of a car or commercial vehicle and the benefits of ownership, while the financier retains actual ownership of the vehicle.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
    Commercial Hire Purchase is a commercial finance product where a business (or an individual with a high proportion of business use) "hires" a car from the financier for a fixed monthly repayment over a term, and has the option to purchase the car at the end of the term.
  • Chattel Mortgage
    A Chattel Mortgage is a commercial finance option under which a financier loans money to a business to purchase a car or commercial vehicle (chattel), and then secures the loan with a mortgage over the vehicle.
  • Novated Lease
    While not strictly a business car finance option, Novated Leasing is a great way for businesses to offer an added incentive to their staff at no extra cost to the employer, by salary packaging employees' vehicles.
  • Fully Maintained Novated Lease
    While not strictly a business car finance option, Fully Maintained Novated Leasing is a great way for a business to offer an added incentive to their staff at no extra cost to the employer, by salary packaging employees' vehicles and their operating costs.